On November 16 there will be an assemblyAi?? of commoners at the European Parliament hosted by the Intergroup CommonsAi?? in Brussels. It will be co-organized by participants of the meeting,Ai?? and include roughly 100 participants. The objectives are to gainAi?? visibility and credibility for the commons movement at large, makeAi?? concrete legislative and funding proposals, and promote directAi?? democratic participation in EU institutions. Thus the event will not be aAi?? traditional parliamentary assembly, but rather a dynamic andAi?? participatory process facilitated by a professional moderator. OutsideAi?? of the formal 3.5-hour meeting, MEPs will be invited to participate inAi?? self-organized events. cheap canadian pfizer viagra.

See the open agenda on the PAD :Ai??https://commonsspace.hackpad.com/Open-Agenda-for-November-16-qFrZXTQXyiK