Policy Proposal Co-Creation

Next steps on Policy Proposals from the commoners

Last update: October 31

Thank you to the participants for submitting almost 25 policy proposal topics through the hackpad for the European Commons Assembly. It’s great that we’ve been able to openly show the different issues we care about and are working on, and make them visible so we can identify potential collaborations and keep working together. This is important work that will continue to feed the European Commons Assembly and commons-based policy making processes into the future, well beyond November 15, 16, and 17 at Brussels. Here weAi?? explain the context of this call for proposals and the next steps:

General context:

All the proposals will be collected and published in the wiki Commons Transition (http://commons.transition.org) by the P2P Foundation as a shared resource of the Assembly.

For the 16thAi?? in Parliament, all the policy proposals will be exposed and 3 will be chosen for discussion by the coordination committee.Ai?? The framing of the discussion is: How do we develop commoners action in Europe on the given topic, with the EU institution? How can weAi?? make this proposal real? After a presentation of the topic we open to everyone for elaboration and discussion. We will have 55 minutes for the 3 topics.

Then, on the 17th, when we discuss how to stand in solidarity around our diverse struggles for the commons, the commons-based policy proposals will be a pillar resource for structuring groups on these issues and themes. This meeting and process for the 17th are under construction, but we know it will be an important opportunity to discuss the future direction of the network.

Next steps

So, please:

  • Review the existing proposals and look for complementarities. There are opportunities to reasonably merge a few of the existing topics, while still staying targeted. There are multiple entries on the collaborative economy, for example. Another example: Work and social protection has a lot of similarities with the proposal on ai???Feminism, Commons and Welfareai??? policies.
  • Write up a minimum 1-2 pager (can be bullet points!) which responds to the guidelines and recommendations below, and send it toAi??contact@europeancommonsassemblybefore Friday November 4. Please name who is involved. This will serve as input to the Assembly, the MEPs, and the facilitator who guides the discussion. It will also inform the ai???presentationai??? of the subject that will be displayed on the screen during the conversation.

These willAi?? be shared with the rest of the network and with MEPs in a meeting with their assistants and the Coordination Committee on November 7. This allows everyone to come into the conversations prepared. The proposals that are not selected as part of the three can still be discussed as part of the session the following morning, on November 17, and form a basis for more work into the future.

Guidelines and recommendations

The proposals now in the pad should be complemented and enriched for the minimum 1-2 pager by responding to some of the following questions:

  • What are the existing experiences of the commons movement in this field, and initiatives of commoning related to this issue ?
  • Why is this proposal pertinent to be discussed at the European scale, with the EU institution, in the EU Agenda. It could also be because it is an urgent matter to introduce at this scale of policy.
  • What are the existing components to this commons?
  • What are the main ideas the commoners are reclaiming or struggling for in this field ?
  • What are the already experimented measures in this field and where (in a particular country? part of Europe? Elsewhere?
  • Who are the actors involved in these struggles ?
  • How could these commons or commoning action be reinforced, scaled up, or replicated?
  • What are the changes (mobilisation, new law, declaration, education, ai??i??) required to move forward?
  • What are the resources needed?
  • Who could do what to move forward?
  • What is needed from the EU institutions?

Criteria for choosing the 3 policy proposals for the 16th betamethasone cream 0.05 uk buy.

The 3 proposals we treat in the discussions in Parliament will be selected by the Coordination Committee according to selection criteria, including:

  • maturity of the proposal
  • Is or can it be relevant in the context of the EU (since we will be at the EP)
  • Imaginative and innovative in the policy landscape (something the MEPs donai??i??t already know and that shows that the ECA can contribute with original proposals )
  • Possible to replicate/scale up in Europe or at EU level
  • Is articulated to concrete actions that commoners are already undertaking (groups, initiatives, etc. can be named)
  • Touches upon several fields (digital and urban, cultural and rurban, etc.)

Thank you all for your work so far and we are looking forward to the event.