Travel and Accommodation

Registration has ended for the event in Parliament on November 16 and the capacity is full. Neither travel nor accommodation reimbursement is available for those that did not register. It is still possible to attend the sessions outside of Parliament over the 3 days if you can cover your own costs. Keep in mind the EP session on the 16th will be webstreamed in English, French, and Italian.

Get in touch with for more info.

Reimbursement for travel and accommodation is by the European ParliamentAi??(EP) Visitor Group program, which has complicated conditions, so pleaseAi??read the following carefully.

TRAVEL ai??i?? Please read and buy tickets ASAP

Important: In order to be reimbursed, you must participate in a 90-minuteAi??tour of Parliament on the morning of Wednesday, November 16th. This runsAi??from 10:30am to 12pm but you will need to be present half an hour early,Ai??at 10:00 am, to complete the accreditation process. There will then be anAi??open lunchtime break before accreditation for the main session begins atAi??2:00pm (for formal start at 2:30pm).

Reimbursement process: After the tour, you will be given a personalizedAi??envelope with cash on the 16th of November through the EP Visitors GroupAi??Program. The amount you are reimbursed for travel is calculated as anAi??average of the distance from Brussels of all the visitors in your group.

So, your reimbursement will be based on an average of 200 euros.

The price of your ticket must be below 200 euros if you want to be fullyAi??reimbursed. In case you cannot find a ticket under this price, pleaseAi??contact us and we will discuss your case on an individual basis. If you manage to buy a ticket at a much lower price, you should inform us because this helps us pay for people who have extra charges. We will try to accommodate discrepancies, but we askAi??for patience and understanding as the program regulations make itAi??difficult for us to manage this money as a commons. Contact:

You must make your own travel arrangement as soon as possible and get a reasonable price.Ai?? The program shows the timetable of the full three days (November 15 to 17).

PERSONAL DATA ai??i?? Deadline October 24

As personal information is required in advance to notify security, you will also be sent a data form that must be filled out ASAP, and before registration closes on Monday October 24 accutane prescriptions. (final deadline).

Brussels residents:

You do not qualify for reimbursement. However your must still submit the data form before the deadline if you want to be able to enter Parliament ai??i?? just take care to tick No in the final field, which indicates you will NOT be in a formal Visitors Group.


Just as for travel, accommodation reimbursement is only accessible for people participating in the Visitor’s Group Tour at 10am on November 16 at the the European Parliament. You will receive a 100 euro lump sum for your stay in Brussels. It is up to you to make your own accommodation arrangements. You could book a hotel room (single or shared), rent an apartment with colleagues, take a hostel bed ai??i?? up to you.

We provide a pad here, where you can share suggestions for places.

We repeat: to receive the lump sum you must be present at the European Parliament between 10:00 and 10:30am on Wednesday November 16 for the Visitors Group Tour. Your accommodation should take this into account. The session in parliament goes until 18:00 (6pm), and there will be a reception after. It is encouraged to stay the evening of the 16th so you can attend the next morning’s important facilitated meeting outside Parliament to discuss the direction for European Commons Assembly into the future (9:30am -12:30pm).

Again, you can get in touch with any questions: