How to Participate

Participate in the ECA !

An overview to the tools of European Commons Assembly

Landing page:

This website acts as the first point of contact for people looking for information on the European Commons Assembly and includes news updates, contact information, links to important content, and hosts our founding Call, which continues to be open for signatures.

Commonswatch List: buying generic viagra online. Ai??

This list, hosted by the P2P Foundation, is useful to subscribe to in order to receive updates on what is happening with the Assembly. It can also be used by members to share interesting links to projects and examples to the rest of the community. However, it is NOT for discussion. With over 200 subscribers and more every day, this is not possible. For discussion and decision making, you should resort to loomio (see below).

You can subscribe by sending an email to the list with a short biography on yourself.


Loomio is for internal communications in the Assembly. You need to sign up through the link above, and then request to join the relevant Subgroup in order to follow a conversation. It is also possible to launch proposals and vote to gauge opinion in the assembly and make decisions.


Our hackpad ai???workspaceai??? lists all the pads that members have created for different initiatives. Pads are flexible collaborative writing tools that allow collective drafting of texts without complicated sign-ins and privacy protections. Often, for a given initiative or topic there will be a ai???master padai??? with a table that organizes links to other more specific pads. It is important to be conscientious when using the pads not to delete others work or write too off-topic. Ai??