On November 16 there will be an assemblyA� of commoners at the European Parliament hosted by the Intergroup CommonsA� in Brussels. It will be co-organized by participants of the meeting,A� and include roughly 100 participants. The objectives are to gainA� visibility and credibility for the commons movement at large, makeA� concrete legislative and funding proposals, and promote directA� democratic participation in EU institutions. Thus the event will not be aA� traditional parliamentary assembly, but rather a dynamic andA� participatory process facilitated by a professional moderator. OutsideA� of the formal 3.5-hour meeting, MEPs will be invited to participate inA� self-organized events.

See the open agenda on the PAD :A�https://commonsspace.hackpad.com/Open-Agenda-for-November-16-qFrZXTQXyiK